Cookies and Cakes

You could match the wide variety of cookies and cakes that are available at your neighbourhood bakery or supermarket - one to one


Desserts and Ice creams

This category covers a wide range of chilling ice creams, chocolates and desserts that are colorful and which you thought you could get only at a hotel or dessert parlor


Drinks and Smoothies

Beverages can be made very interesting with permutations and combinations that sometimes leave you gasping with the taste!


Kuzhambus and Dhals

Have you only eaten sambhar and dhal makhni? - there is so much of variety , that you will not repeat one for a whole month if you try out every recipe in this category


Microwave Cookery

Whoever said that the microwave can only be used for reheating- discover its versatility with the recipes in this category


Pastas and Casseroles

Whoever said that pastas, noodles and baked dishes are only available at the Italian or Chinese Restaurant round the corner- surprise your family and friends with a flourish


Rasams and Soups

The variety that this category offers can keep you warm on a rainy day and chill on a hot and humid day


Rice and Pulaos

Our own staple food - but how we have reinvented the wheel by making so many types of pulaos and biriyanis with the simple cereal called 'rice'


Rotis and Breads

Did you ever imagine that you could bake bread at home with that super aroma of freshness? And the different rotis that could make you a true Indian!


Salads and Raithas

Those colorful, crunchy and eat me salads and those exotic combination in raithas, will surely keep you amazed and healthy


Subjis and Vegetables

The side dishes that make the main course so interesting, exciting and mouthwatering,with the paneers and the channas to the bhendi and the beans


Sweets and Payasams

The true test of a good chef is to make sweets in the exact consistency, shape and color. Try the sweets and payasams under this category and take all the credit for yourself


Tiffins and Snacks

The category that could actually add to your middle- but you surely can indulge in all those fried yummy things once in away!

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