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Simple and Easy

AskChitVish recipes are readily understood and can be easily followed by everyone which is why AskChitVish inspire you to prepare your favourite dishes anytime, anywhere

Get Refreshed

With a long day of summer comes the need for something cool and refreshing. Use AskChitVish to prepare homemade ice creams, cool drinks, juices & salads to make you cool and nippy in summer.

WOW your Crowd

Prepare the best of veg dishes that tempts your guests to relish more of it and curious to learn them from you. The health conscious can stay fit using our Herbal Recipes.

Inherited Recipes

Most of the recipes having been handed down through generations. These recipes are heavily influenced by our cultural choices and traditions of India.

Authentic Recipes

  • Rooted in the gravitas of the unique taste, aromas, and flavours of regions, indulge in an experience truly authentic.
  • Every recipe has been tried and tested before posting.
  • Every recipe is an authentic one, some even century old.
  • The culinary compendium covers recipes from all over the world.
  • They are distinctly practical to be followed.
  • A newcomer can blindly follow the recipe and be sure to have successful presentation since meticulous care has been taken for each step.
  • What to cook for occasions or just everyday, has been answered in the menu category.

A True Inspiration
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AskChitVish is a repertoire which spans a wide variety of vegetarian recipes to inspire the viewers to learn their favourite delicacies and relish them

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We've got a lot of amazing and cool features.

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Get the latest trending recipes across the globe to experience new cuisines based on the respective culture every time

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Get all your favourite recipes at a single glance with easy access to your most special recipes whenever you desire to feast upon.

New Recipes

Get the latest recipes fresh from the oven as and when they are updated. Monthly updates of New Recipes available.

Recent Recipes

Track all the recently viewed recipes so that you don’t miss some interesting recipes from a list of thousands of recipes.

Real Time Sync

Get the newest recipes synced with your device every moment you open the app. This lets you not miss any of the good culinary recipes.

Cloud Storage

All the Recipes and Media are stored in the cloud servers and not stored locally in order to maintain the app size to a minimum.


Want Healthy? Quick? Indian? Gluten-free? Curry? Savory? Fried? With AskChitVish, create a personal food experience that finds the recipes you desire, when you wish to feast upon them out of thousands of the world renowned recipes.

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At AskChitVish, we are passionate about cooking to get you the authentic Indian recipes from all regions across India to relish on the traditional delicacies. New Recipes are being updated monthlys along with Trending Recipes.


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